Our Story

Earth Water and Stone started with a seed that was planted over 50 years ago and is still growing and expanding today.

As a young man growing up, I helped my father with his landscaping business. I would get home from school and go out on jobs with him. Working with him formed some of the most intricate connections and memories from that time of my life. When I was thirteen years old I was cleaning pools. By the time I was sixteen, I was running a truck and managing jobs. I had the fortune of being taught a great work ethic. It is one of the most important things that has motivated my growth and experience. When I graduated college I began working in restaurants. Food and entertaining are a vital part of my make up. I worked hard in the restaurant business and had three restaurants by the time I was 28. I learned to manage and build businesses with an emphasis on quality and generosity of spirit. It was fun! But the business side of business ends up being a treacherous place. The stress finally caught up to me.

I needed to get grounded and to reconnect to the earth. Those memories of working with my father brought me back to Westchester. I started Earth Water & Stone with the idea that the fusion of design and function could meld with form. I took steps to create, choose and bring freedom into the mix. I collided together the wonderful variety of all of my experiences: masonry, cooking and entertaining. All of my passions are in one place.

I approach my designs and your dreams with the thrill of possibilities: meditation gardens, yoga areas, vegetable gardens, herb gardens next to your kitchen. I want smells, senses and practicality to mix together to form what we are missing from our intense lives. Imagine a beautiful reconnection to the earth. Even just a view out of your window; or an entire day outside within it’s borders. . .

I’m ready and able to offer you the knowledge and experience I’ve gained.

Luigi Bueti